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Hanson Marketing: Web/Print Collateral

A measure of a marketing team's success rests in generating memorable outbound messages, both online and in print. Long after you sign off on the completed piece, it circulates and whets customers' appetites. Whether as part of a Web campaign or a product catalog, the finished piece must stand on its own, without you there to explain it. Timeless, informative, accurate, and asking for the order: these are the core elements of successful collateral.

Hanson Marketing selects and leads award-winning creative services providers worldwide to generate campaigns targeting business, lifestyle, and affinity publications and Web sites.

Perfect timing and the right message: Hanson Marketing generates print and Web collateral campaigns that guide millions of viewers to recognize and appreciate your company's brand messages.

Web Collateral

Refreshed Gourmet Foods Web Site Supports Expanded Brands, Channel Relationships, Tells a Story

Engineering-Friendly Web Site Relaunch Introduces New Products, Professional Services

Print Collateral

Launch of New Software, Professional Services Accelerates Quick Revenue Growth

Case Studies, White Papers Support Capital Equipment Sales

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