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Hanson Marketing: Packaging - Your On-Shelf Stand-In

Unparalleled success in tackling one of the most feared, but highly watched, elements of a product's lifecycle: Retail Packaging.

By mastering the three Cs of retail package management -- Cost, Control, Compliance -- you've got a winner.

Need to reduce costs to meet selling-margin targets? Ask about how deeply involved we get when selecting design and manufacturing vendors and configuring pack-out and transportation sets. Hanson Marketing has contributed directly to companies' bottom lines by adding up to 15% on unit sales margins, WITHOUT sacrificing design appeal.

Confused about how to comply with multi-lingual variants in international markets? Check out some of these samples of our work:

Solutions Retail Pkg J Corded
New Packaging Helps Consumer Electronics Company Define Product Category in High-Growth Market

Solutions Retail Pkg HK Gourmet
Carefully Designed Food Brand Packaging Gains Shelf Life at Specialty Retailers

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