Hanson Marketing

Linking Products to Markets Worldwide

The World Is Your Marketplace

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Hanson Marketing offers global marketing and sales leadership in a variety of emerging and high-growth market sectors.

Hanson Marketing's success is based upon integrity, creative flair, technical aptitude, global perspective, and resiliency.

International Business

Hanson Marketing offers expertise in developing premier, global channel partnerships that embrace new technologies and aggressively reach early adopter customers. Working with our clients, we form teams of multi-national marketing specialists, trainers, vendors, and channel managers.

By linking early-stage technology products with motivated resellers, Hanson Marketing finds customers in search of progressive solutions.

Channel Development

Successful channel partners convey your reputation for integrity and appreciate your sense of urgency, every day. Make sure they’re innovative, dedicated, and creative ... just like you.

Hanson Marketing recruits, vets, trains, and mentors multi-tiered global partnerships -- OEMs, VARs, System Integrators, Brokers, Distributors, Mass Merchants, and Specialty Retailers.

Marketing Solutions

“Brands belong to customers, not companies.” Leading brand theorists posit that social networking phenomena have turned the tables on how brands are conceived and launched towards their intended target customers.

From strategic roadmaps to tactical deployment, Hanson Marketing provides the kind of brand marketing oversight that this customer appreciates: